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Valtrex is used for treating shingles (herpes zoster), cold sores (fever blisters or herpes labialis), and treating, suppressing, or reducing transmission of genital herpes in patients with normal immune systems.

Can you buy valtrex in the uk even here or the uk ? else i cannot sell u anything else? [QUOTE=Zalae;37356908]I hope not. It's a pretty dangerous product...and not in any way regulated for health purposes. If they can afford to spend the money put it on market, then perhaps they do not have to fear regulation.[/QUOTE] I would have bet against Valterrex, even in the US, for same reasons. I've seen Valterrex commercials online and I feel it's much more dangerous than methylphenidate (and many others), but people are always scared of the "big pharma" buy valtrex in uk and we are always told how safe and harmless our beloved legal substances are. I wouldn't be surprised to see Valterrex fall off the market, and then FDA will come after Big Pharma over the Valterrex marketing, possibly causing deaths. [editline]22nd December 2013[/editline] I have a lot of reservations about Valterrex. I think it's very potent. You would be on the bottom of your depression and not having any positive effects. I'm sure I would still benefit from a Valterrex treatment if I felt that it was needed. I've been on benzodiazepines and they have a variety of side effects, but at least they give you that little bit of a buzz before you fall asleep. All of which have drawbacks, course. I know my depression has been getting worse and I see the doctors so think I need a prescription to take Valterrex (I've tried many benzos and have been taking Valium every day for years). I would only recommend Valterrex to folks that have suffered chronic or persistent depression and don't have any other options for treatment. I've had depression a long time, and as such I don't need a fix or to avoid taking a medication. I don't think could ever afford Valterrex, even if I lived in a country with valtrex buy uk an unregulated market, let alone open market. [editline]19th December 2013[/editline] Well, I've got a prescription for Valterrex, which does its job. But I would feel much better if I hadn't had to take it in the first place if I hadn't needed my medication prescribed. It gives me a bit of an instant boost, but it does nothing for me - yet I feel should take it. If I'm not on Valterrex then I feel much better if take Ritalin, just for the opposite effect. However, I'd be very happy not to have Valterrex. The problem could only apply to people who are already depressed and on medication but haven't yet had a long enough stay on their medications to reach full clinical remission. The very fact that you can get something as effective and safe Valterrex can where can i buy valtrex uk only be a good thing for the sufferers. It's an all-round improvement, not a one-trick pony and I think we should all feel privileged that it's something exists. [editline]18th December 2013[/editline] I've finally had an opportunity to have Valterrex see if it helps to some degree, so here goes. For those who might think they don't have the money or inclination to have Valterrex in the first place, cost of going on the drug is around $1200-$1500 a month. So, for month's supply. I have no idea about how addictive or dangerous it is, but I'm pretty sure the manufacturer has no intention of putting a warning label on it. I think the risks of Valterrex may be greater than the benefits. Photo by: Provided A view of the parking lot in back of the property at location.

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