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Bristol Law Centre provides specialist legal advice and representation to people who could not otherwise afford access to justice.

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Housing advice

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Housing advice

Bristol Law Centre offers specialist housing advice for people in Bristol and the surrounding area. If you have applied as homeless to the local authority and feel that an incorrect decision has been made then we may be able to assist you. We cannot advise on Homechoice banding.

You can also get advice and support from dedicated housing advisors at Shelter.

Alternatively, you can look for advice about housing and homelessness on the Bristol City Council website.  Please note that the content relating to housing and homelessness is currently under redevelopment.  This is to reflect significant legislative changes that are coming into force from April 2018.

If you receive a negative decision from the Local Authority, or they cannot assist you, you can contact the Bristol Law Centre, AFTER you have contacted the Council.

Taking early action can avoid reaching crisis point.  There is good advice and guidance available online from the following organisations (found under the Housing Advice tab):

Citizens Advice Bureau

Money Advice Service


There are also advice and support services available in Bristol:

The Advice Network

ACORN Tenants Union

Relationship Advice




Call Reception on 0117 924 8662, email us on mail@bristollawcentre.org.uk. We are limited by capacity, and will have to signpost certain issues that we cannot advise on.

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